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Sasha Mckinnon has a plan for her life.

That plan doesn’t include losing her job at a top level private school because of a lousy economy, being ditched by her boyfriend or teaching in a one-room school in Montana ranch country.  She dreams up Plan B; get out of Montana as soon as her nine-month contract is up.

What Sasha doesn’t anticipate is a school full of kids she can’t resist and two hot cowboys vying for her attention.

Brett Martin is the hired hand, Clint Olson the son of the biggest rancher in the county.

Brett captures her heart and, when Clint accuses him of starting a range fire, Sasha jumps to his rescue. Brett’s facing problems of his own and he publicly spurns Sasha’s support. He knows how small towns work and he loves her too much to let Sasha sacrifice her career for him.

Humiliated, Sasha intensifies her efforts to get out of Montana. Luckily, the town matchmakers have other ideas. Will it be enough to make this waltz last a lifetime?

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